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Elevator "self-guided" Installation Security Risks

Jun 24, 2015

In recent months, around the large and small Elevator Safety accidents occur in the media, so often running accident, also on Elevator Safety was a big question mark.

At present, in order to reduce construction costs, are thinking about their own immediate interests, some units and individuals have introduced a so-called elevator "self-guided" construction method. This method uses the customer's original new elevator as the elevator installation of platform, illegal for endangering people's life and property security of illegal construction of elevator installation. This method exists on the original elevator and illegal use:

① new car customers temporarily assembled construction platform for elevator installations;

② new elevator traction wire ropes used as temporary construction lifting cable up and down;

③ due to Setup reverse lift, the counterweight should be installed in the bottom of the shaft was temporarily suspended in the top of the shaft in the sky, potentially threatening the safety of construction workers about elevator traction machine fixed temporarily in the engine room early customer was run as a lifting device. Manufacturers of original products, transportation and installation process does not allow any damage, installed lift must ensure that the products are safe, in good condition, this is per installed unit must comply with the rules and moral standards. This construction is not only irresponsible for users and manufacturers, and reverses the elevator installation procedures, there is a serious hazard and safety problems.