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"Devastating" Damage To The Elevator Safety

Jun 24, 2015

Residents of decorating materials transported by Elevator, Elevator "hard materials" often strike, was irritated by owners who lived in high floor, East side high-rise residential, Ms LAU, encounter such embarrassing things. "The elevator came to a stop several times, decorating the House because upstairs transport decoration materials, lifts a bad owners who lived in high floor was indescribably weird. "Liu lived in the 1th, 10 floor, her husband collect a child then go home take the elevator, Elevator indicator is displayed on the top-floor location," left right elevator is down, it is estimated that elevator is out of order. "Liu ladies said, here of elevator a months have out one or two times problem, family hiking from upstairs go down has good times has, some neighbors children small, parents on put cart from stairs Shang lift down, fee has many effort," we community currently staying rate not is high, many homeowners is decoration, through elevator transport decoration material, good times carrying material of when elevator card live not moving has. "As far as maintenance staff said, Elevator damaged during the renovation, because someone pulled some of the finishing materials and goods, lift is overloaded to carry. Decorators often to stand in the elevator door for a long time, which caused a lot of elevators break down. Decorate some sand, sometimes scattered in the elevator, the sand fell in front of the elevator, will also affect the lift. Handling extra long extra wide wood, furniture, broke the elevator doors, sensors and other key parts, resulting in lift is not opening and closing properly.