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Correct Installation Procedure

Jun 24, 2015

Elevator installation must have a proper and reasonable installation procedure, principle installation be sure to standardize construction cannot be brutal construction.

Elevator installation, in principle, divided into 3 stages. First phase is to be installed in the elevator shaft of the elevator infrastructure projects. This stage of work content including clear off elevator well road in the from Shang to Xia residues in elevator well road around wall Shang to large pre buried steel and residual stone measurement well road vertical degrees; Lofting line; playing elevator guide of bracket expansion bolt hole, fixed bracket hole, lifting guide adjustable straight, and adjustable are, bolt fixed and within bracket and outside bracket welding fixed; elevator Office threshold, and frames playing hole positioning installation; distribution pipeline and so on. As the first phase of the project is the Foundation, at this stage the most important job is to support and guide installation, the installation quality directly affects the entire lift operation. Basis of the first phase of the project accounted for the entire amount of elevator installation project 80% Or so. Stay well in the foundation engineering facilities are completed, the elevators in the shafts must be an intermediate inspection of the quality of foundation engineering, qualifying for the second phase of the installation. Second stage installation of elevator equipment in place. This stage work includes machine room traction machine, in Control Panel, the bottom of the counterweight and buffer installed, installation of the top cabin frame and safety gear, car assembling, installation of the traction rope, control cables and electrical installation, balancing, speed limiter installation, wiring driving slowly, and so on. Considerations for this stage: first, lift the car must be at the top of the gantry framework let the corrected alignment leading axle was fitted. Leading axle after installation, before installing any machine room traction machine, this is the elevator installation technical key points in and requirements. Secondly, from the car roof wheel room guide wheel sheave → → → the counterweight on the crown chakra, perpendicularity between them are correct, depending on whether the four rounds on a vertical line. Elevator car Crown as a whole elevator of datum points must be in place at the top level, ensured that the datum point from the top of car wheels hanging plumb line sheave instead, because the two points closer to easily ensure that squareness. After hanging vertical, then machine in the room, and then locate the guide wheel and the Crown. The purpose of this is to ensure that the exact verticality between these points, they are on the same vertical line. Traction wire ropes should be installed so that assurance and wells road in the correct alignment guides have the same vertical. Correct installation method can guarantee the verticality of the installation as a whole and keep the lift running smoothly, user comfort, ensuring the safety of elevator equipment itself and the user's life and property.