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What is the different application between AVY4221-EBL BR4 and AVY4221-KBL AC4-0 of SIEI inverter

Nov 06, 2019

SIEI GEFRAN inverter is widely used for elevators or escalators, and there are many different inverter brands, such as Fuji, ABB, YASKAWA, Mitsubishi, Schneider, SIEI, and so on. Today, we are discussing what is the difference between ‘AVY4221-EBL BR4‘ and AVY4221-KBL AC4-0 of SIEI inverter.
AVY4221-EBL BR4 is used for gearless host, which is synchronous.
AVY4221-KBL AC4-0 is used for geared host, and which is asynchronous.