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Lift lubricating oil performance requirements

Jun 24, 2015

Ladder is always divided into elevators and escalators in two broad categories. The main composition of various types of elevators, but typically consists of eight components: traction system, navigation system, car, door systems, weight and balance systems, electric drive systems, electrical control systems, security systems. The main machines are located at the top of the elevator, including electrical and control systems, and motor through a gear or (and) the pulley, as the chassis and the power of the counterweight moves up and down. Control system controls the motor operation and other operations, including controlled elevators starting and braking, as well as security monitoring.

Elevator equipment need to lubricate parts more, mainly traction gear box, wire rope, guide rails, hydraulic shock absorbers and car door door parts and so on.

Tooth traction elevator traction system gear box's role is to reduce the tractor output speed, increasing torque. Traction gear box structure of the system there are many common worm, bevel gear and planetary. Worm-type traction machines turbine mostly wear bronze, worm with surface carburizing and quenching of steel, worm gear tooth surface of sliding large surface contact for a long time, friction and wear of highlights. So, no matter what kind of worm drives, there is extreme pressure anti-wear problem.

Oil should be used according to the different models, functions with different grades of lubricating oil, and should focus on fuel, oil temperature and oil spills.