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Famous brands of spare parts manufacturer in China

Jun 17, 2019

Since here in China there are a lot of elevator companies in China ,so need a lof of spare parts supplier to meet their demand ,for example ,the famous brands of spare parts manufacturers in China :

  1. Yaskawa ,who provides the main inverter for elevator such as A1000 series ,L1000A series which is special use for elevator .

  2. Suzhou Monarch ,now most of the Chinese brand elevator companies use their system ,such as controller ,cabin inspection box ,elevator indicators ,etc .

  3. Shanghai STEP electric : also many elevator companies use their system ,such as main controllers ,mainboards F-5021,A380 inverter ,S8 inverter ,etc .

  4. Shenyang Bluelight company produces traction machines ,gearless machine & geared machines ,elevator controller ,mainboards such as BL2000-STB-V9 ,BL2000-CZB ,etc .

  5. Ningbo xinda group who produces traction machine ,complete elevators ,door operators ,landing door devices ,COP, HOP etc ,it produces elevator machines for their own brand elevators ,also they OEM for OTIS ,KONE ,SCHINDLER ,FUJITEC ,HYUNDAI ,THYSSENKRUPP,etc .