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Elevator Safety Quiz

Jun 24, 2015

In the development of China is becoming strong, buildings springing up all over. Elevator for high-rise buildings, the main means of delivery, and its safe operation already with our daily lives. In recent years, the passenger elevator injury accidents caused by improper use, which has an important relationship with the elevator safety warning flag.

Safe and reliable operation of elevator equipment depends not only on quality of product manufacturing, installation of elevator equipment, more that elevator in the management, day-to-day maintenance of quality and civilization of passengers by ladder, and many other factors. To this end, special equipment safety supervision Department for the common people of our Bureau is more concerned about problems and basic knowledge of how to use elevators safely 11 a solution in order to let more people in the elevator for more about this vehicle, with a view to reduce and ensure public safety.

Do, lift off

Elevator fall coming? People who have such concerns in a number of ladders this concerns or ask coagulation. In fact, modern elevators is not only a high degree of automation, and very safe. This margin in 1854, at the New York Crystal Palace exhibition, modern elevator pioneer, Otis demonstrated his invention of the safety elevator, make it possible to lift as vertical transport, lift this rapid development. Modern elevator design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fully taking into account the safety of passengers and service personnel protection measures, especially for the passenger, even if their negligence and unintentional acts of carelessness will not have accidents. Elevator Safety in addition to the safety technology relies on direct measures, but also has a wide range of mechanical and electrical safety devices, mainly speed limits, safety gear, door lock, buffer, limiter and distribution in institutions of many mechanical, electrical security closed circuit. Governor-safety gear is the elevator to prevent speeding and crashed an important protection device, Elevator access prerequisite for commercial passenger flights. When the elevator car speed exceeds the set value, the speed limiter operation safety gear, forcing the elevator stopped on the Rails, and the power supply and cut off the elevator. Vividly, like with a pair of pliers to the elevator car clamped on the guide rail, so that stuck car stopped on the track without falling. Therefore, the elevator won't come off no matter what the circumstances.