Button optional:1.LED : Red ,Blue,Yellow2.Diameter: 35.5mm 3.Braille: with or without braille4.Voltage: DC 12V or DV 24V5.Number & Figure :-3,-2,-,Door open,Door close ,Up arrow,Down arrow

Product Details

Button optional:

1.LED : Red ,Blue,Yellow
2.Diameter: 35.5mm
3.Braille: with or without braille
4.Voltage: DC 12V or DV 24V
5.Number & Figure :-3,-2,-,Door open,Door close ,Up arrow,Down arrow,Alarm,Telephone,G,B,P,B,B1,B2, etc
6.Material :Frame in ABS ,surface in Stainless steel .
7.Life: more than 5 million of operation time,OMRON switch
8.Reference : all elevator .